Our bio olive oil

Extra virgin bio olive 100% italiano

We pick our olives when they are somewhere between fully green and total surface colouring. We prefer to pick green olives when they are mature but before they begin to change color, always taking into account the olive variety.
Although we do not get the major quantitative yields, we pick our olives in the very first weeks of October, milling them within 24 hours from harvesting so as to avoid the fermentation of the fruit. This is also the reason why we use an umbrella catcher for the harvesting. It avoids, as far as possible, the unintentional crushing of our small fruits that can happen when harvesting with classic ground nets.

We believe that only with care for details it is possible to produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil characterized by potent scents and typical flavours.

Furthermore, since 2023, we have been officially certified as an Organic brand Azienda Agricola Biologica

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Analysis Report

Extra-virgin bio olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil green medium fruity, with an excellent balance on the palate between bitter and spicy, as well as pleasant aromatic notes of almond, green leaves, aromatic herbs and artichoke.

Can of Lt 0,25 € 10,00
Can of Lt 0,50 € 17,00
Bag in box Lt 3 € 90,00

For info & orders: info@gaiasofia.it - mobile +39 348 705 0406

+39 348 705 0406

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